Trust Your Intuition: 3 Ways to Double Check Messages

Everyone has intuition, and intuitive messages come through our senses first. For example, we hear something, get a feeling, a thought pops into our heads, etc. But what do you do if you think you got an intuitive message, but you’re not really sure? Double check it! Here’s three ways.

1. Double check with a friend. Whether you have intuitive friends or those whose judgment you trust, checking your intuitive hits with a friend is a great way to get validation. There’s nothing that says you can’t make interpreting intuitive messages a group activity.

2. Double check with signs and synchronicities. If you think you got an intuitive message, ask the source of your intuition to send signs or synchronicities to confirm the message. The same source that gives you messages inside of your body can punctuate them by giving you signs and synchronicities outside of your body. Ask for them and then watch throughout your day. If things people say, or things you read or see come forth with similar messages, you’ll get confirmation on your original impression(s).

It’s not bad or weak to ask for signs. The universe is happy to provide them, so ask away.


3. Double check through divination tools. Divination tools are great sources of intuitive messages. Feel free to pull a tarot card, use a pendulum, draw a rune, or any favorite kind of divination tool to both confirm intuitive messages and give you more information or context for them.

Watch Jennafer’s video about this.

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