7 Easy Tips to Replenish Your Energy

You manage many aspects of your life–your health, workload, household, finances, etc.–but it’s sometimes easy to overlook managing your own personal energy. Life’s pressures can often be draining, but being proactive about managing your energy can help you have enough stamina to get through those pressures without getting exhausted. When your car’s gas tank gauge is on Empty, you don’t keep driving till it’s all gone–you pull over and fill the tank. So instead of pushing your personal energy further when your tank is on Empty, try one of these tips to refill and replenish easily. 

1. Try happy news. When your energy is low, reading the daily news can bring you down further with its somber stories. As an alternative, try visiting the HuffPost Good News, a collection of positive news stories from the Huffington Post. With sections like Everyday Heroes, Community Kindness and more, you’ll find news stories that touch your heart, replenish your energy and give you hope for humanity. 

2. Look at beautiful things. Seeing beauty isn’t just pleasing to the eye, it’s a lovely way to fill up your energetic bucket. Try going for a scenic drive, visiting an art museum or gazing at lovely photos on Pinterest. Or, Google “amazing photos” and see what turns up to cheer you up.

Looking at beautiful things, like photos of the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming, is an effective way to full your energy bucket.
Looking at beautiful things, like photos of the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming, is an effective way to fill your energy bucket.

3. Drink more water. When your energy is low, your body gets stressed. Drinking plenty of water helps every system of your body run well, naturally increasing your energy. Water is also a fantastic energy conductor, moving out any unwanted energy you may have picked up with each glass of water you drink.

4. Eat foods that enliven you. Just like drinking water helps energize your body and enlivens your energy, so does eating live, non-processed foods. You’ll receive vitamins and antioxidentswith every bite, energizing the body and helping clearing it of pollutants while oxygenating the blood. If your energy is low, try eating:

      *Fresh, certified organic fruits & veggies, herbs, legumes, nuts & seeds

      *Antioxident rich foods (berries, tomatoes, etc.), or

      *Raw foods found at natural food stores or raw restaurants in your area. 

Organic vegetables and other foods help revitalize your energy. Photo by wellnesstoday.com.
Organic vegetables and other foods help revitalize your energy. Photo by wellnesstoday.com.

5. Listen to happy music. We all have songs that, for whatever reason, make our toes tap and put a smile on our faces. Make a playlist on your MP3 player called “happy songs” and play them when you’re having a rough moment. (Here’s one of my happy songs, Paul Simon’s “You Can Call Me Al”, in case you want to borrow it.)

6. Watch funny programs. Laughing helps move energy through the body and lighten your mood. Try watching a funny movie, going to a comedy club, or checking out comedians on YouTube or Comedy Central such as Brian Regan or Jeff Dunham.

7. Engage in activities that make you happy. We all have things we do that make us happy, whether they are artistic pursuits, spending time with loved ones, volunteering, being in nature, etc. These activities make us come alive, replenishing our energy. Have a few in mind for those low-energy days.

Engaging in artistic or other activities that you enjoy is a wonderful way to replenish your energy when it's low. Photo by Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.
Engaging in artistic or other activities that you enjoy is a wonderful way to replenish your energy when it’s low. Photo by Kalamazoo Institute of Arts.

There’s no reason that filling your energy bucket should take away even more energy. Following these tips will fill your energy with ease.

5 Tips to Remain Centered

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like your mind is just so full it gets hard to think or make decisions? For me, it’s the same effect as feeling overwhelmed, but it’s more of a feeling of being overloaded. That’s usually when I realize it’s time to bring some of that energy from my head to the rest of my body, to get grounded or centered.

Now, I’m far from a Zen Master, and I’m still learning how to be centered, but here’s what I’ve figured out so far. When I’m centered:

  • I feel calm.
  • I’m more likely to be proactive, rather than reactive.
  • I have the energy to handle the curve balls life throws at me without panicking or going into panic mode.
  • I have better access to guidance through my intuition, friends, family, the divine, spirit guides, angels…anything.

All of these benefits help me think and cope better overall. And being centered also facilitates connection to yourself, so it is one way to access spirituality.

But how do you find that centeredness in the midst of a crazy day? Luckily, you don’t have to go on an extended retreat. Although it’s not always easy to get centered, let alone achieve and maintain it with any sort of regularity, here are five tips that can work for me.

Tip #1: Take deep breaths. Take just a moment to breathe deeply. Use the number five as your guide: Inhale, hold your breath and exhale, each for a count of five. Do this five times in a row, and you’ll notice a difference immediately. The best part about this is you can do it anywhere pretty inconspicuously and as many times as you need throughout the day. Try it in the car, at your desk, in the middle of a meeting or an argument, to start your day or finish it…you get the idea. It’s amazing what a little oxygen can do to ground you.


Tip #2: Enjoy some quiet time. There’s an amazing amount of power in quiet. Our lives are filled with so much noise–it’s no wonder our brains get full. Unplug and make time for quiet. A few ideas:

  • Get up a little earlier and enjoy a few moments of quiet before the hustle and bustle of the day begins.
  • Take a walk around your block or office building or go somewhere quiet, whether it’s a library or a park.
  • Meditate or pray. If you aren’t sure how, get a guided meditation CD, or join a local meditation Meetup Group in your area to learn and mingle with others who share this interest.
  • Write or reflect.
  • Take a bath.

Anything that helps you relax and focus will help you be more centered, and having quiet time is a great way to do this.


Tip #3: Experience nature. Nature has a slower rhythm than busy, modern life, so being in it naturally (pardon the pun) helps you center. You don’t have to go to a remote mountain to access nature. Walk barefoot on grass in your backyard or neighborhood park. Feel the sun on your face. Play in the sandbox with your kid. Anything that brings you in contact with the earth more will help you feel its rhythms, slow down and be more centered.


Tip #4: Do grounding exercises. The first, or root, chakra is all about grounding, or connecting us to the earth. This is an important part of getting out of your head and into your heart and body. Certain exercises help you strengthen this sense of connection, and none of them require a personal trainer. Try:

Stomping, marching, or kicking. This brings the energy to your feet and legs and can’t help but bring you back into your body. Just make sure you have a bit of an open space to do it so you don’t hurt anyone in the process (yourself included).

Listening to music with strong drum lines. Play drums or turn your dashboard or desk into a drum set. Get a heavy beat going. Drums and a heavy beat easily get you grounded and more centered.


Tip #5: Invoke scents. Aromas speaks to the primal part of your brain and immediately help you be in your body more. Try inhaling some earthy, grounding scents, such as patchouli, cypress, vetiver or sandalwood by burning your favorite candle or diffusing essential oils anytime for immediate results.