Inner Wisdom Intuition Development Monthly Class

If you want to better understand and trust your intuition, join professional psychic Jennafer Martin for monthly instruction, exercises, and more. On the second Thursday of each month, we’ll meet online to explore a different aspect of intuition. Join us for one month or all! Topics will be: 


March 10: “What’s the Source?” Discover where intuition originates to better trust it. 

April 14: “The Six Senses”. Understand which senses intuitive messages come through and which of the six is your dominant.

May 12: “Intuition or Inner Voice?” Learn the two main ways that intuitive messages differ from your own inner voice. 

June 9: “How to Set Up an Intuitive Practice”. Engage your intuition actively to better develop and trust it.

July 14: “Signs, Symbols & Intuition”. Discover common signs and symbols that can appear as intuitive messages. 

August 11: “Synchronicities & Double Takes”. Learn ways intuitive messages repeat so we can better receive them. 

September 8: “Intuitive Dreams, Visions & Meditations”. Get tips to tune into your inner visions as a way to trust your intuition. 

October 13: “Divination Tools for Intuition”. Discover how tarot cards, pendulums, and more can help you develop your intuition. 

November 10: “Tune Your Intuitive Instrument”. Tips to keep your energy opened and balanced to tune into your intuition. 

December 8: “Intuition Deep Dive”. Uncover tricks to dive deeper for more details from intuitive messages. 


January 12: “Check Your (Intuitive) Work”. Get tips to double check intuitive messages to gain more confidence in them.

February 9: “Intuition for Others”. Tips & tricks to share intuitive messages with others. 

You’ll gain important insights and experiences to better trust and use your intuition for valuable guidance to navigate life. 

Attendance is $15 each month per person, due by the class date. Get one month free by prepaying for 6 months at $75, or get two months free by prepaying for 12 months at $150. Visit to pay via Venmo or PayPal.