Relationship Survival Skills for Sensitives Class Series

Navigate relationships with ease through the insights you’ll gain in this 3-class series.

Relationships can be tricky to navigate for everyone, but for those who have sensitive natures (empaths, or highly sensitive people), they can be even trickier. Maintaining stability when you’re easily affected by others’ emotions, not losing your sense of self when you give of yourself freely and striking a balance between craving a strong emotional connection and a good amount of alone time are just a few challenges faced by sensitives in relationships. In this class series taught by fellow sensitive Jennafer Martin, you’ll learn tips to successfully survive and thrive in romantic relationships.

The series last 3 weeks with one class per week. Each class is 1.5 hours and will give you in-depth information.

Class 1: Relationship Patterns with Sensitives. Learn the common experiences, intentions and misconceptions of empaths in relationship to better understand why we love who we love and how to avoid misunderstandings more often.

Class 2: Healthy Relationship Boundaries for Sensitives. Discover ways to balance your needs and those of the people you love, differentiate between your energy and your beloved’s, and keep healthy boundaries when you feel what the other person feels.

Class 3: Heartbreak Recovery for Sensitives. Separating from someone you love can be difficult to understand when you’ve been closely intertwined, and the tips in this class can help you heal and reclaim your sense of self.

Each class is $20 or you can purchase a set of three classes for $50 (at

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