Energy Work

Energy healing promotes relaxation and wellness in a holistic, non-invasive way. Jennafer Martin has been a Reiki master practitioner since 2008, using this relaxing technique that originated in Japan but is now practiced worldwide to help alleviate stress and pain in both humans and animals. She volunteered her services to patients through CNS hospice in Salt Lake City, and she’s able to share Reiki in person and via distance.

Reiki promotes relaxation and wellness naturally.
Reiki helps reduce anxiety and promotes wellness in pets, too.


Book an Energy Balancing session with Jennafer for you or your pet to help

  • promote relaxation and reduce stress,
  • lessen inflammation and pain,
  • removes energetic blocks, and
  • promote overall wellness.

Energy Balancing Reiki sessions $65 each or 3 for $140

Receive a relaxing energy healing treatment from Jennafer via distance to help promote natural relaxation and improve health in you or your pet.
Visit Jennafer’s booking site to schedule your session today.