Solutions for Sensitives Class Series

Having a sensitive nature is not for wimps. It’s an amazing gift, but it can often feel like a burden when you’re unsure how to manage it or your own energy is out of balance.
In this comprehensive 7-class series taught by fellow sensitive Jennafer Martin, you’ll learn all about your sensitive nature as well as
*gain tips to protect, ground and manage your energy,
*make and keep healthy boundaries,
*exercises to clear out unwanted energy,
*specific helps to keep you physically in balance,
*and more.

Each class is 60-90 minutes and will give you in-depth information. Classes take place on 7 Tuesdays (from June 2 through July 14, 2020) at 7:30 pm Eastern (6:30 pm Central, 5:30 pm Mountain, 4:30 pm Pacific). All classes are included in the Series:

Class 1: All About Sensitives. Learn the traits of being an empath and walk away with insights and resources for help and support. (June 2)

Class 2: Health Tips for Sensitives. Gain tips to help your body stay in balance physically to avoid getting drained. (June 9)

Class 3: Healthy Boundaries for Sensitives. Discover ways to differentiate between your energy and others’, say no without feeling guilty and make and keep healthy boundaries. (June 16)

Class 4: Energy Protection for Sensitives. Go from feeling vulnerable to powerful through the variety of methods you’ll learn in this class to protect your energy. (June 23)

Class 5: Energy Clearing for Sensitives. Learn dozens of ways to clear out unwanted energy to better manage your energy to stay healthy and strong. (June 30)

Class 6: Gemstones for Sensitives. Ground, protect and renew your energy through the properties of the variety of gemstones we’ll review in this class. (July 7)

Class 7: Herbs & Oils for Sensitives. Discover the replenishing effects of herbs, essential oils and flower essences to help you stay in balance. (July 14)

Next classes: TBA